Subject Title Author(s)
Taxes The Kansas and Wisconsin Experiments Dan Rickman
Economic Growth Patterns The Great Recession and Nonmetropolitan America Dan Rickman and Mouhcine Guettabi
Energy Is Shale Development Drilling Holes in the Human Capital Pipeline? Dan Rickman, Hongbo Wang and John Winters
Teacher Salaries Adjusted State Teacher Salaries and the Decision to Teach Dan Rickman, Hongbo Wang and John Winters
Taxes Should Oklahoma Be More Like Texas? A Taxing Decision Dan Rickman
Taxes The Texas Economic Model, Miracle or Mirage? A Spatial Hedonic Analysis Hongbo Wang
Energy Regional Economic Impacts of the Shale Gas and Tight Oil Boom: A Synthetic Control Analysis Abdul Munasib and Dan Rickman
Multi-regional Input-Output Model Multi-regional Input-Output Model for the Dallas and Oklahoma City Metropolitan Areas Kyle D. Dean
Russell Evans
Economic growth Patterns Economic Recovery Growth Patterns in Oklahoma: 2003-2006 Mark C. Snead
Education Technical Efficiency in Oklahoma Schools: A Stochastic Frontier Analysis Lee C. Adkins
Oil and Gas The Economics of Deep Drilling in Oklahoma Mark C. Snead
Careertech Full-Time Programs Moore-Norman Technology Center Full-Time Programs: Income Gains and Economic Impacts Mark C. Snead
Oil and Gas Energy Prices and the Oklahoma Economy Mark C. Snead
Child Care in Oklahoma The Economic Impact of Oklahoma’s Child Care Industry Mark C. Snead
Child Care Cost in Oklahoma The 2003 Oklahoma Child Care Market Rate Survey Mark C. Snead
Economic Development Do We Know Economic Development When We See It? Dan Rickman
City Economic Development Ponca City development Authority Economic Development Activities: 1994-2003 Mark C. Snead
Employment Forecasting An Evaluation of Alternative Strategies for Integrating Input-Output Information into Industry Employment Forecasting Equations Dan Rickman
Oil and Gas The Economic Impact of Oil and Gas Production and Drilling on the Oklahoma Economy
The Local Impact of Oil and Gas Production and Drilling in Oklahoma
Mark C. Snead
County Output Oklahoma regional and County Output Trends: 1980-1999 Mark C. Snead
Oil and Gas The Changing Role of Oklahoma’s Oil and Gas Industry Mark C. Snead
Labor Force Oklahoma Labor Force Changes Dan Rickman